First Nature Lantern Style Seed Selector Feeder. First Nature’s Seed-Selector feeder has several features which are unique. The durable, molded hopper holds a full five pounds of seed. The Seed Selector Ring, located inside the feeder base, can be rotated into either of two positions. In one position, a large opening allows the feeder to dispense wild birdseed. In the other position, smaller openings allow finches and wrens to extract thistle seed. The rain guard helps to keep seed dry and allows birds to feed even in inclement weather.

– Patented seed selector ring enables feeding of any size feed from thistle seed to sunflower seed
– The durable polymer feeder features a rain guard that protects seed from weather
– Large hopper holds 5 pounds of seed
– S-hook included
– Made in the USA




Weight 0.9 lbs